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Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Firefox extensions

I decided to put my list of Firefox extensions here. First, so I can always pick them up and quickly install on a new machine and don't forget anything. Second, probably you find some of them useful for you too! =) Used frequently:
  • this one is for bookmarks. I keep most of my bookmarks on now. However sometimes I feel like it's working slower and slower, so I may switch to something else soon, like Google bookmarks. I am sure that if Google ever get instead of Yahoo, the servuce would be much faster and interesting than it is now… Also since bookmarks are public, I am using browser bookmarks for intranet sites at work.
  • Tab Mix Plus: tabs support became standard feature of Firefox 2.0, however I kept using this extension, cause I suspect it provides way more ways for customizing the tabs interface and behavior.
  • Adblock Plus: you set it and forget it, but it saves you from tons of banners over the web. And it disables flash banners too.
  • BugMeNot: just added this one, so can't tell much. It goes to and picks up a password for the site which demands free registration. So you don't need to do that manually.
  • Link Alert: displays small icon near the cursor when you place it over the link. The icon gives a hint what the link is pointing to: new window, word or excel document, java script or something else. Sometimes that turns out to be handy.
  • Winestripe: this is not an addon but Firefox 2.0 theme which makes buttons to appear similar to Firefox 1.5. I didn't like those new shadows and glares, so this theme is a must for me. =)
  • IE Tab: let you open some sites in a tab which displayed using IE engine. Useful for ugly sites which are IE-compatible only. Normally I avoid such sites, but sometimes I can't (company intranet again) and this addon strikes.
Used occasionally:
  • Greasemonkey: this one is a hit. It maintains collection of scripts which can tweak any page you are viewing, for example, remove something, add new links or change site layout. There's online library of such scripts too. So far I installed:
  • gTranslate: web translator which uses Google translation service to translate either a highlighted word (no extra pages are opened!) or an entire website. Comes very useful when I suddenly surf to germal or french blog to find answers for my questions...
  • translator: similar to the previous one. Actually I am not sure which one of them I am using when... This addon puts an icon in the status bar so one can select manually languages to translate from and into. Also uses Google.
  • Copy Plain Text: removes formatting when you copy-paste text from web page to some editor, so you won't get crazy fonts, styles or headers pasted in your document.
  • Video Downloader: this one seems to be very popular, but I used it maybe once or twice. The fact is that normally I don't need to download videos from Youtube or whatsoever, I just bookmark them. Only when I need to watch a long video offline I use this addon.
  • keyconfig: I use this one only once and only for single thing — make Ctrl+N open new tab instead of opening new window. I don't want to get used to Ctrl+T, because its more difficult to press =) and because IE uses Ctrl+N.
  • PDF Download: let you decide whether you want to open clicked PDF document in the browser tab or using Acrobat Reader, or just download it. Pretty handy.
  • Sage: RSS reader, pretty simple, fast and snappy. I read all my blogs in Google Reader, because I want to access them from anywhere and this addon stores them locally. However its still handy for intranet blogs (yes, we have them, can you imagine that?), which I don't want to store in Google Reader.
Just in case:
  • Save As Image: Saves entire web page as an image, including scrollable part. Should be very useful for web reviews or web designers. I didn't used it so far, however I just like the idea to have this ability handy.
  • DOM Inspector: another web developer's tool which let you explore the page content and design. Probably it comes in standard Firefox package, I'm not sure.

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