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Sunday, April 15, 2007

The perfect project: Start

Every software project is a part of developers' lives. We are spending our time through the usual processes from task formulation, project inception, requirements, design and coding to the testing and ongoing development of a new baby of ours. It can be a whole new module of the system, or just a modification of it, but it goes all the same. That's our lives. That's our legacy. Should we care about how it goes? Sometimes I feel desperate because I think I am doing something useless, or with low value, or ineffectively. Sometimes almost everything around seems so imperfect and clumsy that I wonder how we come up with this ugly world of computers, programs and designs. There's always options. Either waste this hour, and that hour for this stupid task, or do something with it — rethink, automate or (even better) eliminate at all. I believe there should be a way to improve the world of software development and the world as the whole. There's should be a way to provide identification and accumulation of human experience and avoiding same errors repeating again. I'm gonna try to form and store my thoughts here. Haven't come up with the better title of it as "The perfect project". That's right, no capital letters, let's start with the small ones.

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